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Our vision is to provide our customers with both single and/or bundled service solutions

IMS Facility Services prides itself on being a people oriented, environmentally responsible organization that provides high quality, cost effective service solutions to businesses and communities. We deliver customer satisfaction through highly qualified, trained personnel, sound process management, and innovative information technology. We will promote long-term growth through an uncompromising commitment to a set of core competencies and values.  
Our service lines are comprised of janitorial services, facility engineering, landscape installation and maintenance, general/light maintenance, window cleaning and metal restoration, labor management .  Our vision is to provide our customers with both single and/or bundled service solutions.  Our client base consists of multi-tenant office buildings and corporate campus facilities, as well as Medical Office Buildings (professional), Manufacturing, Bio-Pharmaceutical facilities, Education (Kinder Garden to University), Entertainment, Communication, Municipality/Government facilities and Financial institutions.

We have successfully kept pace with our rapid growth by recruiting professional management and staff to coordinate the employee workforce that numbers in the thousands.  IMS possesses a management team that rivals any as the strongest and most experienced in the industry.

Why IMS Facility Services  

IIMS Facility Services believes very strongly in the concept of “management by walking around.” In today’s competitive cost environment, many firms sacrifice “Best in Class” customer service for “Best in Class” pricing. Consequently, price points are met, but customer satisfaction is compromised. IMS will not participate in opportunities where its operational integrity is negotiated.
IMS places a tremendous amount of emphasis on its on-site leadership. Our ``decentralized`` operating philosophy is the core of an overall system that is lightning fast in its response and extremely efficient in its execution.

IMS Facility Service employees are trained to meet and exceed exceptionally high standards. Our fully-trained and carefully supervised workforce delivers a complete custodial services solution to our clients.

IMS Facility Services includes
  • Interior and Exterior Cleaning of Buildings
  • Daily Cleaning of Office and Trash Removal
  • Cleaning of Rest Rooms, Class Rooms And Public Areas (Hall Ways, Lobbies and Entry Ways)
  • Floor Care (Buffing / Refinishing)
  • Pantry Management at Offices & Factories
  • Window Cleaning, Wall Washing and Stain Removal
  • Carpet Care
  • Floor Maintenance
  • Raised Floor Cleaning
  • Confined Space Cleaning
  • Blind Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • High & Low Dusting
  • Light Fixtures
  • Vacuum Cleaning
  • Pest control program

Some of IMS specialities are

  • IMS offers a Broad Experience which enables to provide total solutions to our client base that have been tested in real market place.
  • We Guarantee Our Operational Efficiency and can back that promise up through proven operational standards in place within our portfolio of business.
  • We will Partner with your team to reach out to all available resources to secure the best operational methodology at your facility.
  • We will Integrate the latest technology that is appropriate for your business plan and will strive to keep all stakeholders and systems updated with the latest proven trends.
  • We will keep Your Operation Running with zero downtime and at the highest efficiency level possible.
  • Staffs are turned over periodically to obviate Complacency and chances of their joining Union activity or Involvement in Management Affairs.
  • Take full responsibility in respect of compliance of statutory liabilities and keep clients free from other burdens.
  • Provide additional manpower to clients to cater for Unforeseen Exigencies

Our integrated facility solution offers a menu of services that is customized based on our clients needs and the needs of their business objectives.



Facilities Management Companies,Property Management Services
Facilities Management Companies,Property Management Services
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